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Ask me anything   Hello~! Welcome to my Tumblr~ Currently in the process of showcasing more of my artwork and crafts into the world! I have been a cosplayer since 2004 and have been making things with my hands since I was 3. I look forward to meeting new people and making some new friends!

More pictures of No More Heroes Jelly Strawberry - Worn at Denver Comic Con (DCC) 2013~

Photo’s taken by: WeNeal’s Photography

more pictures at: AC Paradise page : DeviantArt : Felicia Dark Crafts

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    Yeah, I’m totally going to hire this pretty lady to make my wedding dress…you know when I get married….eventually. ;)
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    Have you seen a sexier No More Heroes Cosplay? I think not!
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    Toooooo cute! Imma eat you!
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